deeble & stone productions

Mark Deeble and Victoria Stone are a wildlife film-making partnership - founded in 1984, when they collaborated on their first film, 'Yndan an Fala - Valley beneath the Sea'. Subsequent underwater films for SURVIVAL Anglia and the BBC followed, but all changed in 1987 when Alan Root, widely considered to be the premiere wildlife film-maker of all time, invited them to the Serengeti. The result of the alliance was two specials made with Alan Root - SUNLIGHT AND SHADOW and the critically acclaimed HERE BE DRAGONS - which broke ITV viewing records with an audience figure of over 11 million.
DEVILFISH, a film the couple made for the BBC a few years later was to exceed this with an audience of over 13 million for the BBC's 'Wildlife on One'

Mark and Vicky's films are personal, authored documentaries that typically take 2-3 years to produce. The couple both produce, direct, write and shoot their films. The films are made entirely on location, working out of remote bush camps.

Mark and Vicky are versatile cinematographers - both are qualified pilots and divers. They are as at home underwater filming crocodiles as they are shooting aerials or filming minute insects perched high in the canopy. They were married in 1992 and have two sons who have been home-schooled in the bush.

Their films have achieved global recognition with over 100 international awards - including an Emmy, two Peabodys and many 'Best of Festival's.