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Tsavo blog goes live

For the past few weeks, we've been writing a weekly blog from our Tsavo camp. We are living through extraordinary times and the Tsavo elephant population is in decline. Tsavo still has a handful of large tuskers remaining - the last of the largest, but they are gradually disappearing...
A recent census put the total elephant population at 11,000, down from 12,500 in 2011. Blog: here

Other and Earlier News

2013 It's good to see that there are still some big bulls remaining.
2013 Return of the rains...
2012 In production: UNTITLED TWENTY TWELVE
2012 BBC 3D Feature - Africa 3D / Enchanted Kingdom
2011 The Queen of Trees takes top award at United Nations Forest Film Festival
2011 United Nations Forest Film Festival Finalist
2011 Distant Thunder 3D pilot
2010 Distant Thunder Pilot to screen in Cannes
2010 DISTANT THUNDER 3D Developments
2007 New York Festivals GRAND AWARD
2007 Emmy Nominations for THE QUEEN OF TREES
2007 Telluride Winner!
2007 Top festival honour to THE QUEEN OF TREES
2007 Wild and Scenic Film Festival triumph for THE QUEEN OF TREES
2007 BANFF HD Award
2006 The Queen of Trees premieres at Jackson Hole
2006 Best Nature Film at Shanghai International Festival.
2006 Deeble and Stone to partner with BBC Worldwide on DISTANT THUNDER
2006 "Best of Festival' at Explorer's Club, New York
2006 Awards for 'The Queen of Trees'
2006 ECOVISION 2007 - Best Environmental Documentary
2006 THE QUEEN OF TREES wins America's most prestigious broadcast award..
2006 The Queen of Trees wins delegates choice award
2006 GRIERSON AWARD to The Queen of Trees
2006 Double success at Jackson ends an incredible month for THE QUEEN OF TREES
2006 Cinematography honours
2006 See what the New York Times says about 'THE QUEEN OF TREES'
2005 Wildlife Asia Festival - Lion Awards